The narrow anthropocentric vision of classic Ufology.

It had been unavoidable for many Ufologists to use current human technological level as a guide to interpret many sightings reports.

For example many times we see these descriptions claiming that the flying objects under consideration were metallic, it would had been more accurate to say that the objects were “metallic-looking”, but the use of that word “metallic” is also an indirect way to point to the “mechanical” or “nuts and bolts” nature of the given object.

Obviously that also is using human technology as a suggestion for the nature of that object, but many fail to realize that many current human flying artifacts are using mostly composite materials, so “metallic” is not an indication of how “advanced” the object’s technology may be it is actually the opposite because in that case it will be behind current human technology.

Any similar use of current human technological level as a guiding help for describing supposedly non human artifacts will fall sooner or later in the same contradiction, Ufologists had fallen many times in that trap.

Also that “metallic” word implicitly points to the rigid nature of our current flying artifacts, but that may change in the near future, we already have flying artifacts with dynamic geometry.

That predisposition or expectation of rigid artifacts is one of the reasons why the reality of polymorphic/morphing anomalies is so hard to accept by many.

When in the presence of something truly “alien” all of our concepts and ideas of reality will crash/fail unless we are prepared to accept anomalous phenomena as possible manifestations of that “alien” modus operandi, it will be very naive to think that “alien” entities will behave in a human-like manner or will be necessarily human-like/humanoid.

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