What are UFOs?

UFO stand for: unidentified flying object. But when the word UFO is used by any “nuts and bolts ET/UFO believer” or in their context then it means something else, something that only exist in their minds: mechanical looking artifacts of nonhuman origen but somehow must have some resemblance to a possible near future or today’s […]

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What anomalies really are?

Anomalies manifestations “could” be biological or “mechanical”, I prefer to say “constructs” because “mechanical” is very human centric, now what they really “are” is really an unknown, that is why we should not limit ourselves only to these two possibilities, there could be more that we had not even imagined or that our limited knowledge […]

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The reality of Polymorphyc/morphing Anomalies/UFOs and its implications.

The reality of polymorphic, morphing, dynamic geometry anomalous flying objects had been known since the 1940’s, see Meade Layne publications of that time for example. But the so called Ufologists had been trying very hard to push for a rigid vision of these manifestations, for them mechanical rigid artifacts are the “real UFOs” that is […]

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