To UFO/ET believers: put your money where your mouth is.

“Put your money where your mouth is”: to show by your actions and not just your words that you support or believe in something.

Then where are the actions of so called UFO believers showing their real interest in this area??

If the objects that they are interested in are coming from the sky why then they are not making systematic observations of the sky? Why?

It is their interest real or are they just following a blind belief like religious fanatics that do not require any evidence supporting their beliefs? As the saying goes: For the devout believer no evidence is necessary.

Why do they attack continuosly the people that by using their resources, time and efforts are showing with actions their real interest and doing regular observations? It is because these people are placing in the open their true lack of interest?

Why had you not build observation stations individually or by pooling resources?
Or are you waiting for others to answer your questions and then take their words on faith as devout believers?

The business interests exploiting these beliefs, your beliefs had made billions. Hollywood, the conferences, the museums, the hot spots, etc. Had any of these business made any observation stations using just a fraction of the money made out of these beliefs? Obviously is not in their business interest to disrupt the current status quo.

Very objective procedures are already in place for making serious atmospheric observations in daylight.

The effectivity of these procedures for atmospheric observations/surveillance is independent of what you may find, then why these people that talk about the subject a lot are not using similar procedures seeking evidence supporting, backing their words? Empty words then??

But the nuts and bolts UFO/ET believers should really be affraid of making serious observations, if they truly search the sky they will find things, but the consistent results coming from active observers of anomalies are really not the confirmation that the nuts and bolts believers want, the things that they will find are not at all rigid or mechanical, they are very much amorphous and shape-shifters. Maybe that is why consciously or unconsciously they really are not making any efforts for observing the sky: they are affraid of the truth.

Even a key figure in the nuts and bolts believers “movement” Kenneth Arnold “deserted” them in 1962 when he made statements claiming that the UFOs where really living beings of polymorphic nature. But that fact had been redacted out from the UFO folklore. Almost anybody doing direct observations, in contact with reality, will reach a similar conclusion to the one exposed by Kenneth Arnold in 1962 and before him by Trevor J. Constable around 1958. But the nuts and bolts believers that had not done any of these observations (detached from reality) are stuck in that old narrow minded idea of mechanical artifacts.

Observations must be done, there is no way around that, but an open mind is needed when you made them, you can not assume what you will find, and you will find marvelous things if you truly put your money where your mouth is.

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