Anomaly Studies.

All these individuals, Ufologists and organizations that are related to the UFO “problem” had been dealing with the problem from afar, as expectators. The only way to make meaninful contributions in any field that have subjects of interest is to make systematic and controlled direct observations of these subjects. But for more than 60 years […]

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Anomalies are real and amenable to scientific study.

There had been many “paraphysical” interpretations of the UFO manifestations, some of these interpretations even coming from people with academic training. But Anomalies/UFOs are observable, anything registering on instruments is very real and part of reality, any interpretation of reality that postulate the existence of something beyond that reality and not observable is a capitulation […]

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ET hypothesis or ET belief?

When a hypothesis is used always have temporary status, it is never final. It is a claim trying to synthesize in a single statement or idea a whole set of evidence. If new evidence is not fully consistent with such hypothesis then the given hypothesis should be modified or replaced. That is the “normal” and […]

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