What anomalies really are?

Anomalies manifestations “could” be biological or “mechanical”, I prefer to say “constructs” because “mechanical” is very human centric, now what they really “are” is really an unknown, that is why we should not limit ourselves only to these two possibilities, there could be more that we had not even imagined or that our limited knowledge or understanding allow us to consider. Some anomalies manifestations could be natural phenomena, others could be misidentifications of mundane objects, but again there could be more and that will be very likely the case considering the complexity of anomalies manifestations, some anomalies could be plasma-based or electromagnetic based Life, some could even be quantum manifestations in the macro world, etc.

If plasma based Life is a reality, and many recent scientific studies point into that direction, that Life will be as old as the Universe itself, life on earth is very young compared to the Universe age, then the level of diversification, evolutive paths, etc in that type of Life will be impossible for us to imagine, even Life on earth or in any other place could be a by product or ramification of that old plasma based Life and the recent scientific results point too into that direction.

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