Anomaly Studies.

All these individuals, Ufologists and organizations that are related to the UFO “problem” had been dealing with the problem from afar, as expectators. The only way to make meaninful contributions in any field that have subjects of interest is to make systematic and controlled direct observations of these subjects. But for more than 60 years […]

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The key role of instruments.

Our senses have limitations, that is very well known. But we perceive the world mainly through our senses, the conscious or unconscious ideas that we have of our surroundings are the direct result of how we see the world through our senses. In a clear sky in daylight if we look at the sky and […]

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Anomalies only.

Ironic Post: This channel only post content related to Anomalies, we are not interested in UFOs or ETs, in the same way that UFO/ET believers are only interested in their UFOs and not in anomalies we are only interested in Anomalies. So far when doing atmospheric observations we had found only Anomalies, but in the […]

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