Ufologists and armchair experts of Ufology should learn from engineers.

Engineers know deeply the value of telemetric (observational) data, when building sophisticated prototype equipment or machinery it is well known that telemetric data takes precedence over any forecasting data produced by any theoretical model of the prototype equipment under consideration, these theoretical models must be fine-tuned/modified or replaced to match telemetric data, observational data is […]

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Ufology experts comfort zone.

With extremely rare exceptions Ufology experts are “armchair experts”, that simple fact is like an epiphany that makes a lot of things very clear. Since these experts are really armchair experts that implies that their “comfort zone” is the area around, in the vicinity of their chairs, today that includes, but is not limited to, […]

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Anomalies “context”.

It is well known that the meaning of words depend on “context”, it is also very well known that human perception depends on the knowledge and worldviews of the given person, we can say that that particular person knowledge and worldviews gives a “context” for his/her perception of any given event. If we show to […]

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Ufology evangelists.

Very likely you had read or heard before the terms: religious evangelist, or technology evangelist. These are people that try to inspire, motivate or convert others to their ideas. Ufology also has such evangelists. We had seen them frequently or heard about them. But they really are just known armchair experts in steroids and they […]

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To Ufologists and armchair “experts” of Ufology: stop talking and start making direct observations.

First I want to state for the record that I agree with these people in one thing: there are things in the sky that are not mundane objects, they call these objects UFOs, some others call these objects Anomalies, whatever they are called is really irrelevant, but “they” are very real, whatever they are. Now […]

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