UFOs/Anomalies with High Strangeness.

These are “figurine-like” anomalies that usually never tumble and keep moving in a straight up position, they have been recorded all over the world, some had shown to be shape shifters and morphing into digit shapes.

Taking the “obvious” out of the way: these are not balloons, a careful attention to details is needed here not different to the one needed to differentiate noise from music or noise from valid signals.

These are extraordinary objects/entities that have a global presence in our planet as the following examples show. Cognitive dissonance is the coping mechanism of choice for many when facing worldviews/preconceptions shattering facts.

Note the “consistency” across multiple indepent and geographically dispersed observers.

1- Ana Luisa Cid, Mexico.

2- This is another great one showing clear polymorphism/shape shifting recorded by Cristian Soldano in Argentina:

3- Franny Hudson, Liverpool UK:

4- Lupyllo Ledezma, Paramount California US:

5- Rob Freeman, Los Angeles California US:

6- Robert Bingham, Los Angeles California US:

7- Antonio Urzi Simona Sibilla, Italy:

8- Jeremy Thomas, Redland Florida US, this one morphs into digit shapes:



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