The time for amateur science in UFO/Anomalies studies is NOW.

Make no mistake, we are in a race against time: sooner or later Official Science will embark openly into this field and the kind of instruments that they will use will be out of reach of almost anybody’s budget, it will be very hard to compete with them.

Any tools that we are using today will be just toys compared to the full arsenal of modern scientific instruments.

But today due to their narrow-mindedness and dogmatism we already are ahead of them in this field, a field that they do not even know exist.

So if we want to do something really unique, beyond “simple” documenting UFOs/Anomalies we need to push ourselves into using the better tools that we can get NOW.

Sightings reports can not be considered as hard data, but the data received from professionally build and calibrated instruments it is hard data.

Very effective observations stations with limited resources can be build by individuals or by pooling resources.

Astronomers had already scoped out locations with clear skies and build observatories in some of these locations. For daylight atmospheric observations many of their instruments can easily be modified to accomplish that without affecting their main astronomical functions.

Triple systems using: a high magnification optical component, a narrow band infrared seeker component and a short radio-wave radar seeker component will be extremely effective, similar components were already recommended by Project Blue Book researchers in the 1950’s.

This is also a golden opportunity for any independent research team anywhere in the world that is not a “slave” of “budget committees”. Budget committees are the Achilles heel of “modern organized science”.

The implications of such research program are really impossible to predict, but what is not hard to predict is that once this reality is recognized officially, and that is just a matter of time, a frantic global race will take place around this field, so “small players” better get ahead and start making progress before the noise of the “big players” overrun them.

Science as any other human endeavour is fueled by competition.

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