Three simple steps for systematically observing anomalies.


 The validation of observational claims can only be done by trying to duplicate the same observations by independent observers, many things that we assume to be real can be validated that way, the reality of birds for example: anybody in many regions of the world will be able to observe birds and verify by themselves their reality, no because pictures of birds appear in many places, nothing can replace direct experience.

 Now the reality of anomalies is an observational claim that can only be validated by observational data confirming their reality coming from multiple independent observers, that already is in place, there are multiple detailed consistent footage that gives solid footing to the reality of anomalies, but again nothing can replace direct experience and there are very clear and objective procedures that if followed will allow anybody to observe these amazing objects/manifestations in any location in our planet in daylight with a clear sky, the confirmation/validation of the reality of anomalies is available to anyone that really wants to observe them, the unscientific approach of denying new facts or claims without doing any due diligence and using simplistic/closeminded debunking arguments is as old as man himself and was used as the main argumentative tool by the Inquisition against the new ideas that contradicted the religious dogmas, today we have many self titled scientists using exactly the same modus operandi.

 These are three basic/simple steps that will allow anybody to systematically observe anomalies.

1- Infrared spotting: It is well known that the sky scattering of visible light is higher in the blue portion of the visible electromagnetic spectrum than in the red segment of that spectrum, the reason why the sky is blue, but this scattering is even lower in the infrared portion of the spectrum and lower still in the short radiowave portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.

 One direct implication of this facts around the sky scattering of visible light in daylight is that if we use narrow band filters to look at the sky, filters that allow only a very narrow segment of the electromagnetic spectrum to pass, the relative reflection of any object in the atmosphere respect to the sky scattering will be higher when we move to the red portion of the spectrum and even higher in the infrared or short radiowave segment of the spectrum, but since we can see objects by the light that they reflect(or not) then that means that any reflective object in the atmosphere will be more “relatively bright” when we observe this object in the infrared or short radiowave segment of the electromagnetic spectrum, in other words: the object will be more easily “spotted” in infrared than in visible light and that is fully confirmed by practice.

 Stars are masket by the sky scattering of visible light in daylight, but many bright stars can be spotted in daylight if using narrow band infrared pass filters and digital cameras that are sensitive to infrared.

 That is the basic idea of spotting in infrared, by spotting in infrared many more objects will be visible than if spotting in visible light.

 Anomalies are usually small and bright, like stars, and usually move at relatively high altitudes, they are masked in daylight as the stars are, but they can be spotted more easily if using infrared pass filters with digital cameras sensitive to infrared.

2- The use of high optical magnification equipment able to resolve the details of distant objects.

 Since anomalies usually move at high altitudes you will need high magnification optical equipment to be able to see their structure details otherwise you will only see bright dots of light.

 That means that you need to use telephoto lens, medium sized telescopes or, in the lower end, superzoom cameras as the Canon sx50, sx60 or Nikon p600, p900.

3- Send direct signals to the anomalies spotted.

 Anomalies will change behavior and body geometry in response to direct signals sent to them, once this responses are observed any doubts about the reality of anomalies will evaporate, this is a critical step.


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