The UFO business.

The UFO business is a multimillion dollars mammoth: Tv programs, series, websites selling Ads, the UFO congresses, books, publishers, UFO museums, etc. It is a system that promote conspiracy theories, wild speculations and anything that may give more fuel to the system mechanisms to continue. Many times it is very hard to differentiate between an […]

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Anomalies only.

Ironic Post: This channel only post content related to Anomalies, we are not interested in UFOs or ETs, in the same way that UFO/ET believers are only interested in their UFOs and not in anomalies we are only interested in Anomalies. So far when doing atmospheric observations we had found only Anomalies, but in the […]

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ET hypothesis or ET belief?

When a hypothesis is used always have temporary status, it is never final. It is a claim trying to synthesize in a single statement or idea a whole set of evidence. If new evidence is not fully consistent with such hypothesis then the given hypothesis should be modified or replaced. That is the “normal” and […]

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What are UFOs?

UFO stand for: unidentified flying object. But when the word UFO is used by any “nuts and bolts ET/UFO believer” or in their context then it means something else, something that only exist in their minds: mechanical looking artifacts of nonhuman origen but somehow must have some resemblance to a possible near future or today’s […]

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