Anomaly Studies.

All these individuals, Ufologists and organizations that are related to the UFO “problem” had been dealing with the problem from afar, as expectators. The only way to make meaninful contributions in any field that have subjects of interest is to make systematic and controlled direct observations of these subjects. But for more than 60 years […]

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The key role of instruments.

Our senses have limitations, that is very well known. But we perceive the world mainly through our senses, the conscious or unconscious ideas that we have of our surroundings are the direct result of how we see the world through our senses. In a clear sky in daylight if we look at the sky and […]

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We should never forget.

We should never forget that “scientists” have practically ilimited resources, universities, laboratories, super “solid” scientific methods, but, a VERY BIG BUT, they still today are missing possibly the biggest revelation in human history: The reality of autonomous anomalous flying objects in the atmosphere, anomalies for short. What good is all of that when they had […]

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Anomalies are real and amenable to scientific study.

There had been many “paraphysical” interpretations of the UFO manifestations, some of these interpretations even coming from people with academic training. But Anomalies/UFOs are observable, anything registering on instruments is very real and part of reality, any interpretation of reality that postulate the existence of something beyond that reality and not observable is a capitulation […]

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Ufologists and armchair experts of Ufology should learn from engineers.

Engineers know deeply the value of telemetric (observational) data, when building sophisticated prototype equipment or machinery it is well known that telemetric data takes precedence over any forecasting data produced by any theoretical model of the prototype equipment under consideration, these theoretical models must be fine-tuned/modified or replaced to match telemetric data, observational data is […]

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To Ufologists and armchair “experts” of Ufology: stop talking and start making direct observations.

First I want to state for the record that I agree with these people in one thing: there are things in the sky that are not mundane objects, they call these objects UFOs, some others call these objects Anomalies, whatever they are called is really irrelevant, but “they” are very real, whatever they are. Now […]

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Desinformation agents.

Somebody at reddit was complaining about “desinformation agents” This was my answer: Desinformation only works with people that have poor critical and independent thinking. Scientists had known since the beggining of using the scientific method an universal solution for misleading information/data: independent confirmation by direct observations/experiments of the claims. That will take care of any […]

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What is a Scientific View of Reality?

A scientific view of the world/reality is a view that is unconditional servant of consistent observational data, were no idea or theory of reality is ever cherished or final because new observational data may contradict it and then that idea or theory must be modified/discarded. When scientific theories start being “cherished” they becoming dogmas, anybody […]

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