The UFO business neverending Con-Job.

We had mentioned before that the “UFO business” is the conglomerate of businesses that nurture and later exploit UFO beliefs, they are like the propagandists and churches of a “modern” religion and cult, they are very sophisticated con artists that had created a whole industry and cult followers that guarantee a huge “customer base”.

It is well known that religious believers/cultists are easy prey of con artists and the UFO business is very good in that Con-art.

The so called Ufology is an intrinsic part of this business, many times what some consider as “serious” UFO researches are just “UFO evangelists” that are active participants in this business, all of them are making money out of their “serious” research.

Obviously the Media around the UFO topic is also a key member of this UFO business and they had created a trap for themselves because they had nurtured strongly some specific expectations and vision of this phenomenon creating in the process an army of close minded believers that will attack viciously anybody that may have any idea or fact contradicting their beloved religion precepts.

All of these have a vested interest in the perpetuation of the current stagnant status quo, that is why the promotion of active observation stations never had been in their goals, but on the contrary active observers of Anomalies had been “accused” of “hurting the field” with their extraordinary findings. We may say that these brave observers are “hurting” their business and their never ending Con-Job.

Each single UFO site on the Net, each single Media program dedicated to this topic is dominated by the close mindedness of the “nuts and bolts UFO/ET fanatics cultists”, using a phrase from John A Keel, they had suppressed even some opinions voiced by key figures in their religion like Kenneth Arnold 1962’s opinions about the biological character of the UFOs, that had been redacted out from the UFO folklore.

They are effectively a religion, a cult and the UFO business is conning easily this huge customer base and laughing in their way to the bank.

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