The UFO business.

The UFO business is a multimillion dollars mammoth: Tv programs, series, websites selling Ads, the UFO congresses, books, publishers, UFO museums, etc.

It is a system that promote conspiracy theories, wild speculations and anything that may give more fuel to the system mechanisms to continue.

Many times it is very hard to differentiate between an honest approach to the problem and the mechanisms that make the UFO business tick because many times the presentation of these approaches is done through the mechanisms that are in place in the system.

This is a business, a conglomerate of businesses, were the main goal is continuing the operation of business and increase the “customer base” or expanding operations.

That is why they are mechanisms that will nurture the UFO beliefs and expand all venues and ideas that enhance these beliefs. It is not different to a publisher of science fiction or fantasy books; they are always looking for imaginative authors that can expand the field and produce new content.

The UFO business, the “movers and shakers” in this business, are always trying to expand the field with new ideas and content, as publishers of fantasy books do. That is their raison d’etre.

Did we mentioned any search for the “truth” above? Clearly not, they are not any scientific enterprise. That is why anybody that get entangled with that system will be exploited by it and finally will end being part of it.


In the same way that observational data always will limit the ideas that a given theory may enable or make the given theory of reality completely invalid, observational data in Anomalies Studies will always limit the ideas or preconceptions that may exist about the nature of these manifestations.

And that is one of the reasons why active observers, or repeated observers of Anomalies are universally received with hostility in “mainstream” UFO outlets, because their consistent observational data will always limit the wild speculations and conspiracy theories that the “UFO business” promote and give priority.

They will always provide more coverage to these wild speculative ideas and conspiracy theories than to “dull” concrete observational data that may kill their “gold mines”.

That also is why Trevor J. Constable ideas about some UFO manifestations being living beings are considered “weird” in UFO circles when they are even considered, the same with similar ideas of Kenneth Arnold.

The pattern is clear as day.

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