The key role of instruments.

Our senses have limitations, that is very well known. But we perceive the world mainly through our senses, the conscious or unconscious ideas that we have of our surroundings are the direct result of how we see the world through our senses.

In a clear sky in daylight if we look at the sky and see nothing then the psychological inference that we make even unconsciously is that nothing is up there, that inference have been with us forever.

But by using instruments we expand our senses limitations and by observing a clear sky in daylight using infrared capable cameras we can discover that an apparently “empty” sky is actually teaming with many objects, some of prosaic/mundane origen and others that behave in “anomalous” ways.

These anomalies very likely also have a “mundane” origen or had been here for a long time but they are still unknown to official science, but some people around the world are observing/studying these anomalies in a regular basis. Obviously Official Science do not have exclusivity on scientific discoveries or in defining what is real or not.

But instruments also have limitations and if we do not improve these instruments then our vision of the world will be limited by the instruments limitations.

There are multiple examples in Anomaly studies where the use of instruments is key.

People that had limited themselves to naked eye spotting, if had not followed closely the observations of people using infrared spotting will have a limited view of Anomalies manifestations.

Some anomalies manifestations are practicality almost impossible to spot with naked eye, like the vertical undulating string autonomous anomalies. Or some anomalies “transformations” only had been seen beyond naked eye spotting distances, like the transformation of an amorphous anomaly into a mimic balloon shape.

But infrared spotting is not the ultimate spotting method. It appears that there are levels of “ghostiness” in the following sense: some anomalies will be better spotted in infrared, still visible in visible light with high magnification scopes, they will have some level of “ghostiness”, but some other anomalies are so tenuous that will be spotted hardly in IR but close to impossible in visible light, there is some footage of these.

But these very “ghosty” objects may be easily spotted in short radiowaves, Radars.

It had already been mentioned that an observation setup that includes three subsystems working in: visible light, infrared and short radiowaves will be extremely effective far superior to dual systems. Expanding to ultraviolet may increase effectivity, but the sky scattering is a lot higher in ultraviolet.

That is why it is important to update the observation setups with some frequency, otherwise we risk the possibility of thinking that there is nothing else beyond what our current instruments are registering and then imply that the world is exactly like that, we already know that always will be things that will escape the range or sensitivity of our instruments and that our view of the world always will be incomplete.

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