Anomaly Studies.

All these individuals, Ufologists and organizations that are related to the UFO “problem” had been dealing with the problem from afar, as expectators.

The only way to make meaninful contributions in any field that have subjects of interest is to make systematic and controlled direct observations of these subjects.

But for more than 60 years now none of the above mentioned groups had done that and the stagnation of Ufology is a direct consequence of that fact.

If atmospheric observations are done in daylight using high magnification equipment they will find definitely wondrous things, but not what they want or expect to find, they will find Anomalies.

Anybody doing that today is finding only these anomalous objects and nothing more, but Ufologists experts, UFO/ET believers/cultists/fanatics, debunkers included, all of them had rejected the reality of these objects, and scientists are not even aware of this reality which in itself said a lot about modern scientific/academic thinking.

They are showing with that the powerful effects of preconceptions because clearly Anomalies are being observed consistently all over the world.

This unanimous rejection is the main reason why some of these Anomaly observers had decided to split clean from anything UFO related and Ufology in general. Some still will be using the UFO word to describe these anomalies and as usual they will be dismissed and laughed out loud by the UFO enthusiasts and experts alike.

Ufology had been carrying a very heavy negative baggage, many businesses, tv programs/series had been nurturing and then exploiting these beliefs. It will be almost impossible to change and discard that huge baggage in a lifetime.

The “clean” solution is to split from all that, rejecting everything that Ufology stand for and only consider what serious and systematic observations of Anomalies can support. Zero conspiracy theories, zero myths, only what a clinically objective approach support.

This non-nonsense approach had been proved to be very effective in obtaining “actionable knowledge”, that is the approach that we choose for “Anomaly Studies”.

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