We will leave UFOs for the believers only.

In the same way that the nuts and bolts UFO/ET believers are only interested in UFOs and ETs and not in Anomalies we are only interested in Anomalies and we really do not have any interest in these UFOs or ETs that the believers are talking about.

So far when doing atmospheric observations we had found only Anomalies. it appears that others are also finding only anomalies, but in the future if we see any of these UFOs or ETs that the believers/cultists are talking about we will ignore them because we really are not interested in these UFOs and ETs.

But in that case who will really report about these UFOs if the believers only talk about their UFOs but not really looking for them? Well that is their problem we are only interested in Anomalies and that is what we are observing, and they are clear: Anomalies are not the UFOs that they talk about.

Some comments:

The “field” will be splitted in two: on one side we will have anomalies that can be observed by almost anyone and on the other side we will have UFOs that only the believers are seeing in their imagination and this is a serious statement. They only have themselves to blame for that.


And that will be a really good thing, we will be left alone studying/observing anomalies without anybody bugging us, like biologists are left alone in their studies and the nuts and bolts ET/UFO believers/cultists will be left alone dreaming and talking about the UFOs that nobody is seeing.


The definition is simple:

Anomalies: Anomalies are these autonomous anomalous flying objects that can be observed by almost anyone using very simple instruments and that can be “called” using too very simple procedures, they do not have any definite form or shape.

UFOs: UFOs are the mythological objects that the nuts and bolts believers/cultists dream and talk about, but nodody really had seen or is seeing today.

Some observers of anomalies thinking that some anomalies were UFOs had presented very clear footage of these anomalies to the believers but the believers know their stuff and always had rejected any given footage of anomalies as being not their UFOs, we now are convinced: Anomalies are not UFOs, the believers will be left alone in their dreams.



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