What are UFOs?

UFO stand for: unidentified flying object.

But when the word UFO is used by any “nuts and bolts ET/UFO believer” or in their context then it means something else, something that only exist in their minds: mechanical looking artifacts of nonhuman origen but somehow must have some resemblance to a possible near future or today’s very advanced human made artifacts, they are unable to escape their anthropocentric views.

What they “want” to see is not observable, do not exist, it is the result of huge social mechanisms conditioning that expectation, these mechanisms that are self perpetuating and that are very effectively trying to quash anything or anybody contradicting it, we had seen that multiple times.

What it is observable is something else, different, that manifest in multiple forms and shapes, many times in very subtle ways and very hard to perceive by almost any casual observer and that refuse/resist any simplistic classification effort.

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