Accepting and observing the reality of anomalies changes you.

It is a recurrent topic in many philosophies and religions, but it is very real the “power of acceptance”.

By accepting the reality of anomalies, of these marvelous beings/objects it changes you, in some imperceptible ways but the change is deep, very likely in some unknown ways. By observing directly these objects and seeing them that also will have deep effects in anybody. It is like by observing them a very deep conditioning is broken.

You start noticing that change in the way that you now think, in the many new possibilities that now you consider in multiple things that were not there before.

In how easy now people say to you “go away crazy person” because many people are thinking in a different dimension as you and can’t really be in sync with you. All because you are aware of a reality that is hidden to them and they are unable to comprehend.

Some people unable to see beyond the standard conditioning will see a “bird” in the following boomeran shaped anomaly footage, they will even say “that is 100% a bird” and for them if you see something else then you are delusional, the interesting part is that more than 99.9999% of people think like that and if you think different then you are set for a long and isolated ride:

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