Ufology love with the past.

The nuts and bolts UFO/ET believers and Ufologists in general, with very few exceptions, are in love with the past. And that is not by chance, things in the past can not be independently verified, unless we build a time machine go to the past and do direct observations of the given event and report […]

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Science still in default in UFO/Anomaly studies.

In 1969 James E. McDonald (http://puhep1.princeton.edu/~mcdonald/JEMcDonald/mcdonald_aaas_69.pdf) wrote a paper titled: Science in default, as a critical analysis about the lack of a serious scientific study of the UFO phenomenon. Clearly that default is very much in place today. But today many people in the world are observing in a regular basis UFOs/Anomalies: these very bizarre […]

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Desinformation agents.

Somebody at reddit was complaining about “desinformation agents” This was my answer: Desinformation only works with people that have poor critical and independent thinking. Scientists had known since the beggining of using the scientific method an universal solution for misleading information/data: independent confirmation by direct observations/experiments of the claims. That will take care of any […]

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