The (in)famous flying saucer shape.

The (in)famous flying saucer shape.

Almost anybody that pretend to be interested or claim to have some knowledge in the area of Ufology had used the flying saucer/disc image one way or another, as part of a logo, as a thumbnail image for a footage(many times misleading), etc. By doing that consciously or unconsciously they had been part of the perpetuation of a myth and maybe one of the better known cases of media induced delusion.

Many people know that this phrase: flying saucer gained social fame in 1947 when Kenneth Arnold made his famous sighting report.

But what not many do know, or maybe don’t want to know, and the UFO folklore conveniently ignore or belittle is that Kenneth Arnold did not reported in 1947 seeing exactly any saucer or disc shape objects, but the objects that he saw were of “crescent” shape(, but since the press used the phrase “flying saucer” that was the term that was used almost universally to denote these objects.

Curiously then after this famous report people all over started reporting flying saucers, disc shaped objects. Media induced sightings reports you may say.

But we know today, at least the people that regularly are observing anomalies and also was known to pioneers as Trevor J. Constable and Kenneth Arnold, that these objects are intrinsic shape shifters, polymorphic, they can adopt many shapes, many times taking shapes from their surrounding environment, as for example the following one in boomerang like shape that from afar will look like a bird:

Then since these objects can take multiple shapes at will, no particular shape will be more relevant than any other, the relevance given to the saucer shape is super inflated and the result of a clear social self perpetuation, is that shape used as a logo anywhere in this site?

That do not implies that anomalies can’t take disc or elliptic shapes, they definitely had been reported, but similarly anomalies can take pyramid shapes or many others human recognizable shapes or not defined/amorphous shape too, as the following one that responded to direct light signals:

As in any other area only a clinical objective approach is the proven method that will give solid actionable knowledge. And obviously that implies making serious and systematic atmospheric observations to begin an understanding of what these anomalies really are.

Nobody is stopping you from making these observations.

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