Ufology experts comfort zone.

With extremely rare exceptions Ufology experts are “armchair experts”, that simple fact is like an epiphany that makes a lot of things very clear.
Since these experts are really armchair experts that implies that their “comfort zone” is the area around, in the vicinity of their chairs, today that includes, but is not limited to, the area around their pc/laptop keyboards, or around their smartphones, etc. Anything that may take them away from that zone will make them uncomfortable and in general will be disliked by them.
That automatically makes clear a lot of things:
1- Making direct atmospheric observations may take them away from that comfort zone, that is one reason why in general they dislike that activity. But today these observations can be done from the comfort of your computer desktop if you have the proper equipment, as I do.
2- Any “activity” that can be done in their comfort zone will be given an “inflated” relevance like for example: the “analysis” of documents, or the “analysis” of sightings reports, the “exploration” of connections between ancient writings and possible ancient UFO sightings, etc.
3- Since they don’t have a working knowledge of how to make serious atmospheric observations and because of that they don’t have a proper experience, or “context”, of how to interpret properly any sighting report they need extra “help” in trying to do that, so they need: tutorials of how to make a fake UFO footage, a “useful resource” for “experts”; they also need lists of blacklisted sites or YT channels where “bad” information is provided, etc.
4- They really do not know that is millions of times easier witnessing/recording an authentic UFO/Anomaly than actually faking one, for people like myself that only uses Avidemux and Windows Movie Maker, the best that we can do is cutting, pasting and make some brightness/contrast adjustments to the video footage. Many times that very simple video “processing” will take too much time and many valid anomalies recordings never are posted by lack of time.
The people that are actually making fake UFO videos had not really “discovered” that “simple” truth.
But we know that these fake videos have an specific target audience: the nuts and bolts UFO/ET believers, that is why you will never see a fake anomaly footage simply because people making these fake videos are looking for traffic and they know exactly what to do to get the believers attention. It is very well known that believers “hate” authentic anomalies footage.
So if you want the Ufology experts attention give them things that will keep them in their comfort zone, if you try to”force” them out of that zone them you will be persona non grata.

 So the fastest way of getting ahead in this area is really very simple: discarding everything from classic Ufology and starting from scratch start making systematic atmospheric observations.
 Anybody using consistently this path and not getting sidetracked by any noise coming from the Ufology armchair experts in a matter of months, sometimes even less will be light years ahead from these armchair experts, the knowledge gained by making these observations will make that person full aware of the reality of anomalies and the futility of the ways used by these armchair experts.


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