Ufology obsession with “documents”.

For some unknown reason Ufologists and wannabes ufologists/armchair experts have an obsession with documents.

They talk about document releasing as major events. It seems that they do not know that a blank piece of paper will accept anything that you write on it, but many times they will expend a lot of talking time around these documents and their “enigmatic” content.

Many times some evangelists will make “careers” out of some of these documents, books, documentaries, etc. will be made around them. The mechanisms of enhancing obfuscation and exploiting it will turn and turn without ever stopping. These documents are like very productive cows that need to be milked forever.

For example, at the moment of this writing a new document release is making the usual rounds in the online UFO sites, this is one of the titles describing it, but these titles will be as varied as UFO believers are on earth : “Top secret CIA files have emerged from the 1950s exposing hidden UFO sightings”.

The “relevance” given to this document more than 60 years old is another reflection of the known “classic” Ufologists love for the past, but this document contains “sightings reports” more than 60 years old. If you read this with detachment you can think that the people giving relevance to this kind of documents are living in a place where looking at the sky is taboo, or it is illegal with very high prison sentences or worst to people caught making observations of the sky, that is why they may cherish what others more than 60 years ago may had seen, things that will be very difficult for them to witness today.

But we know that that is not the case, they love the past and anything that may increase the level of obfuscation in this area of interest, but one thing is true: observing the sky is taboo for them and they will be very happy if that is made illegal.


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