To Ufologists and armchair “experts” of Ufology: stop talking and start making direct observations.

First I want to state for the record that I agree with these people in one thing: there are things in the sky that are not mundane objects, they call these objects UFOs, some others call these objects Anomalies, whatever they are called is really irrelevant, but “they” are very real, whatever they are.

Now after taking this first issue out of the way it is obvious, at least for people that think in practical and direct terms, that there is only one way to know about these objects and that is by trying to observe them directly. They are in the sky usually so that implies that a constant observation of the sky is needed if we really want to know about these objects.

But for some really very obscure reasons almost all Ufologists and armchair “experts” in Ufology think that by talking only they can find about these objects, they talk and talk and by doing that they had only created confusion and obfuscation.

Scientists had known since the beginning of using the scientific method an universal solution for de-obfuscation: accept only what direct observations and experiments support, that is actually the essential of the scientific method.

By going to the very “basis” of making systematic observations all the obfuscation that predates Ufology will evaporate immediately.

Whatever is in the sky will be revealed by these observations, whatever is not will not appear in such observations.

False claims, hoaxes, wrong interpretations, faulty instrument, wrong procedures, etc. All of that will be revealed by consistent independent observations. The serious and consistent use of the scientific method automatically takes care of all of that.

But again the “experts” think that by just talking they can solve the UFO conundrum, not by chance Ufology had been stagnant for more than 60 years. Scientists know better than just talk, that is why Ufology is not a science, but that is changing now.

The people that are making regular atmospheric observations today, just by doing that and bypassing the usual talking phase of the “experts”, are already way ahead of these pack of armchair experts.

These people making these observations are gaining an experience and knowledge that can not be learned just by talking, no by change the number of people making these observations is really miniscule compared to the army of armchair experts, that ratio is a perfect reflection of the old adage: talk is cheap.

But many times we see these armchair experts trying to evaluate the work done by active observers, hostility is not infrequent when they do that, even trying to “classify” the footage presented by active observers. How people without any experience doing actual observations can really pretend to do that is really beyond me, it is really no different than for people that had not used even a lupe consistently trying to evaluate the work of microbiologists using microscopes.

But that is the state of affairs in Ufology today, a very reduced number of people are “breaking the rules” of Ufology and making regular observations, by doing that they are witnessing almost in a daily basis an extraordinary reality that is available to anyone and that was known to the pioneers of Ufology as Trevor J. Constable and Kenneth Arnold.

So to people that really want to know: do not take anything on faith from anyone, accept only what you can verify directly. UFOs/Anomalies have a global and pervasive presence in our planet, it is really not difficult to observe them regularly, but if you don’t try you will be taking away from yourself the opportunity of witnessing something extraordinary.

To Ufologists and armchair experts: stop talking and start making direct observations, just by doing that you will make Ufology a real Science.

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