In Ufology is “popular” synonymous of “relevant”?

In this area of interest where religious/cults beliefs dominate it should be clear that something popular will not necessarily be relevant or true.

Many topics in this area are very popular and are recycled over and over, but many of them are just myths or plain fabrications.

Believers had shown multiple times their hostility to direct observational data, the clear that that data is the higher will be their rejection. They love incomplete information, coming from the past or from incomplete footage where no details are shown, the Phoenix lights is one of these recycled topics.

That incomplete information is a fertile ground for completing the missing details with imagination and preconceptions.

In this area of interest you will get more “attention” if you post a personal account along the lines: “I think that I saw a UFO yesterday …” than by posting hard data, and that is not rhetorical it is happening now in any single popular UFO site online.

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