Ufology love with the past.

The nuts and bolts UFO/ET believers and Ufologists in general, with very few exceptions, are in love with the past.

And that is not by chance, things in the past can not be independently verified, unless we build a time machine go to the past and do direct observations of the given event and report back with hard data, but lets avoid the time machine issue and the paradoxes of time travel for now.

A quick browsing of any UFO site online, the sites where believers are seen frequently, will reveal immediately that almost anything “popular” in these sites is something, an event, etc. that occurred in the past, the older that this past is the “blurriness” that accounts surrounding the given event are, keep in mind that word “blurry”. It is not infrequent in these sites talks about “ancient astronauts”, “ancient aliens”, or references to ancient writings passages where “references to aliens and/or artifacts” are “revealed”, books/documentaries/movies had been made “exploiting” that “angle”.

It is very well known that the past is a fertile ground for myths, cults and religions.

This “blurriness” surrounding events in the past is a fertile ground to fire the believers imagination and that imagination will “get in focus” any blurry accounts.

It is exactly the same reaction of believers to footage with just glowing dots in a black background where no structure details are revealed from the object(s) under observation, almost exactly the same footage presented by any dual optical system spotter part but even with lower resolution, but the believers will love that footage as far as no details of the objects under observation are presented for exactly the same reason: incomplete footage are a very fertile ground to complete the missing information with imagination and preconceived ideas.

As a matter of fact believers had shown a very clear tendency: the clear is the footage showing the real deal the higher will be the hostility showed to the given footage and/or active observer, simply because reality never will be exactly to their preconceived ideas.

They are blind to instances where this reality is shown as clear day, as in the following footage from Cristian Soldano:

Or as the following where real angel hair is seen falling from the sky from Ronald Jason Bales:

But believers will always recoil to actual data that can be easily validated by anyone; they are in love with the past because that is a very safe place to keep alive any myth, cult or religion.


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