Science still in default in UFO/Anomaly studies.

In 1969 James E. McDonald ( wrote a paper titled: Science in default, as a critical analysis about the lack of a serious scientific study of the UFO phenomenon.

Clearly that default is very much in place today.

But today many people in the world are observing in a regular basis UFOs/Anomalies: these very bizarre autonomous flying objects in the atmosphere that manifest in many forms and shapes, many times as shape shifters.

Anybody armed with very limited equipment will be able to validate the reality of these objects and the fact that some of them respond to direct light signals, obviously if you do not try to observe them you will not see them, but many still deny that reality without even trying to witness this extraordinary reality.

Scientists and people in Academia had been labeled many times as the brightest minds on the planet, then the obvious question to ask is: What good is all that “smartness” when they had been missing the biggest revelation in human history for so many years and still today they actively are denying it??!!

What good could be a team player considered the best when he/she fails again and again in the more important game in history and playing against amateurs?!

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