Pampering the UFO community is counterproductive.


Pampering, courting the UFO community is a sure way to perpetuate the current stagnant status quo.

Any human “community” will have worldviews, expectations, things that are agreeable to them, that make them “feel good”, things that are popular, etc. Many times that defines essentially the given community.

But it is well known to sociologists that what is agreeable, popular to a given community not necessarily coincides with what is true or objective, and the UFO community is not exception to that rule.

What is true, objective can not be subject to popularity contests.

We have seen that many members of that community never had done any atmospheric observations, even with naked eye, not to mention using high optical magnification equipment; what is really needed for serious observations. That is the very definition of being detached from reality, or not being or trying to be attuned to it. How can you know what really is in the sky if you are not a serious observer of it? Many Ufologists had done the same. Not surprising then their ideas about what is in the sky are full of preconceptions and assumptions.

Now since the 1950’s some people with a real interest in the field and a hands-on approach had made direct observations of the sky, starting with Trevor J. Constable, read his book: They Live in the Sky. But also a key figure of the nuts and bolts UFO believers “movement” Kenneth Arnold, the coiner of the (in)famous phrase: flying saucers, made direct observations and reached conclusions that departed from the nuts and bolts believers expectations.

So the people that had made regular observations of the sky, the very definition of trying to be objective and being attuned to reality had reached conclusions very much out of sync with the rigid/old narrow-minded and many times anachronic expectations of the nuts and bolts believers that never had done any of these observations. The people that had made these observations always reported amorphous, shape shifters entities/objects, even Kenneth Arnold reached that same conclusion. But that had been redacted out, or ignored, in the UFO folklore that the nuts and bolts believers want to promote.

This clearly shows that by courting that UFO community only the perpetuation of ideas that are very much detached from reality and likable to them will prevail.

Also the “media” around/covering the UFO topic had made a trap for themselves because by courting/pampering that community they usually promote the topics that are agreeable/popular to that community, they are slaves of traffic/popularity so they are forced to be “politically correct” regarding that community otherwise they will not “sell”. That means obviously that this media and in general any business interests around this topic are intrinsic part of the problem, ironically some of them claim to be trying to solve the “problem” or searching for the “truth”.

So the active observers of UFOs/Anomalies using high optical magnification equipment should not be affraid from the attacks coming from the hardcore nuts and bolts UFO believers, these attacks are unavoidable simply because these believers are very much detached from reality, how can we expect that people without any experience will understant or accept what we are observing almost in a daily basis? Using analogy: do you think that people that never had used even a lupe will understand the marvelous world seen through a microscope? Obviously not and the analogy is really very precise.

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