Are there extremophiles living at very high altitude in the atmosphere?

It is well known that some living beings on earth have adapted to live in very “extreme” conditions, called extremophiles, showing with that the amazing adaptability capacity of carbon based life. Now it is very natural to ask about the possibility of some organisms adapting to the very rarified conditions at high altitudes, is there any active scientific program that systematically study the atmosphere’s biology?

There are many reports and very detailed recordings of what appears to be new life forms in the high level of the atmosphere.

I had been doing atmospheric observations in daylight using telescopes and I had observed and recorded what appears to be living beings but of a very bizarre and anomalous nature, let me point out just for the record than I am not a UFO believer and I fully believe that anything that is observable is “explainable” one way or the other, but I also believe in the force of empirical evidence, consistent observational data about a given occurrence strongly points to the reality of these occurrences.

For example I had recorded several times what appears to be as an undulating autonomous vertical line, be aware that this was recorded with a telescope, but detected in infrared, it is well known that infrared spotting provides enhanced detection effectivity:

Some of these bizarre objects appear to be polymorphic as this one spotted on 10/22/15

Or some could be like localized and autonomous plasma-like like this one on 1/7/16:

I had recorded regularly these bizarre autonomous objects from two different locations in Florida US, I am planning to do observations soon in Arizona with more clear skies.

The observational data available points to the idea that these bizarre objects can be observed at any location in our planet and they behave like living beings.

Obviously this needs more systematic study and observations from independent sources. The goal of posts like this is to report about these manifestations and hopefully motivate more people to make these independent observations, the resources needed are very modest, just a little more than for observing birds flying at high altitude.

But it appears that biologists had been missing a golden opportunity of studying possibly new life forms right here in our skies.

This was posted at TheNakedScientists website, it is a “sanitized” introduction to anomalies, sadly scientists and/or science types had proved to be unable to handle the full version of facts around the reality of anomalies, they really are detached from reality.

Scientists today are blinded and paralized by dogmatism and preconceptions, simple direct observations will allow anybody to be direct witness of these extraordinary manifestations, but surprisingly very few are able to break that paralisis, anomalies are being observed regularly around the world by simple people, apparently people with “academic background” are more likely to have an irrational reaction than people with “less” academic level, and that is really very interesting because it points to systemic problem in our current educational system.

If the people that are proclaimed to be the “brightest” minds in the planet are unable to perceive a part of reality and one that appears to be possibly the biggest revelation in human history then we really are in deep trouble.

Official Science is facing today a more fundamental crisis than the one faced by the Church with the reality of an heliocentric worldvie

One thought on “Are there extremophiles living at very high altitude in the atmosphere?

  1. Scientists are not alone in their incapacity to handle the reality of anomalies manifestations, UFO believers had proved multiple times to be unable to acept that reality and as it had been mentioned before all boils down to preconceptions of reality by both groups, these prejudices/preconceptions are really not different from any other including religious ones.


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