Direct communication with Anomalies/Ufos.


 The reality of the autonomous anomalous flying objects in the atmosphere, anomalies for short, is supported by an overwhelming amount of consistent observational data around the world, this is a reality that can be confirmed by anyone using very simple instruments.

 The extraordinary thing about anomalies is that some of them will respond to direct light signals making huge flarings/big and sudden increse in brightness that some also call power-ups in daylight or at night, that “response” alone is a clear indication of their anomalous nature because no mundane object respond to direct light signals that way.

 But some anomalies had responded in a more complex form, many anomalies are objects of dynamic geometry, they continously shape-shift, they are polymorphic, many of these geometric changes follow cycles, they repeat over and over, and many times the geometric changes in anomalies are preceded by flarings. Well some anomalies had responded to pulses of light in sequences of prime numbers by taking the shape of prime digits “3” and “5”.

 So anomalies could be considered as “messages” in themselves.

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