Armchair theorists should learn from engineers.

Engineers know deeply the value of telemetric(observational) data, when building sophisticated prototype equipment or machinery it is well known that telemetric data takes precedence over any forecasting data produced by any theoretical model of the prototype equipment under consideration, these theoretical models must be fine-tuned/modified to match telemetric data, observational data is king in that sense, it overrides any preexisting idea about how the given prototype should have been functioning.
But today we have many armchair theorists thinking that reality should be the one bending to their models of reality, they think that their models of reality are more real than reality itself, they are unable to do what engineers do all the time: modify their models to fit observational data. History of Science have multiple examples showing the resistence of armchairs theorists to new facts or new ideas that contradicted their views of reality that is a reflection of their thinking in the final status of their models of reality, a rigidity that engineers know very well will lead to faulty equipment and instruments.

Engineers are forced to act in synchronization with reality otherwise the equipment/machinery that they may build will not work properly.

But apparently armchair “experts” can get away with their ineptitude and pretend that the world behave in the way that they imagined independently of the observational data presented to them. Luckily for them the machines/equipment that they use in a daily basis were build for engineers knowing very well the value of observational data.

Reality is like a very complex machinery that always is in prototype state, telemetric (observational) data about the behavior of this complex machinery always is coming from multiple sources, any models or ideas that we may have about the reality machinery must be adjusted to fit that observational data, as engineers do all the time, observational data reign suppreme in that sense because our ideas of reality should be unconditional “servants” of that observational data.

That is the truly scientific and objective(engineering) approach to reality, today many self titled scientists are very far from following that approach, that is why they denied the reality of meteorites for many years and today they are denying/ignoring the reality of anomalies, any engineer doing that in a similar situation will produce faulty machinery, scientists doing that today are producing faulty ideas of reality.

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